Renaissance of Hope


Special Kindle verison
Renaissance of Hope

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youtube update

Very busy bees here. Still re-rendering the videos that where on live stream back to suitable format for youtube. Takes hours.
While we rework this process into our daily work, keep watching for updates.


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Link to old(live steam) New (You Tube) site for shows


This is the link to see live stream data and old shows. look under playlist coastal gold ….

old link

note we paid the ~$50 level to store the videos but something happen on their site. After many weeks of dealing with tech support, they said, delete the videos and re-upload. We canceled our paid subscription. We will still use the free livestream versions for live streaming till we find a better place.

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Investigating The Unknown Commercial 30 second spot

30secspotITU_Carlos Here is an Mp4 of the current running commercial for Investigating The unknown. Click, download and or open with quick time.

Here is an wmv format. My Movie 1


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Coastal Gold Productions show list

Working list.
Visit often to see updates.

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