Placing TV adds in Antelope Valley

That is part of what we do. We can place your ad on our channel. We can place it with the right media-show. Contact us if you have a commercial you want to place on air, an event you want live or you need a commercial, we can do that too.
Rates are low, so low you will be amazed. We want local business to be seen and heard.

Antelope Valley Film Festival, info being posted around the word out there ... submit if you got something ...

Posted by The Secret Studio on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Link to old(live steam) New (You Tube) site for shows

This is the link to see live stream data and old shows. look under playlist coastal gold ….

old link

note we paid the ~$50 level to store the videos but something happen on their site. After many weeks of dealing with tech support, they said, delete the videos and re-upload. We canceled our paid subscription. We will still use the free livestream versions for live streaming till we find a better place.